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    We are dedicated
     to alleviating traumastress & repetitive stress as well as compensation patterns in the body, which often is the basis of structural changes leading to pain.
    The methods we utilize to accomplish this are Orthopedic and Clinical Massage Techniques with an emphasis on releasing impinged nervesbringing balance to opposing muscle groupsfreeing connective tissue & fascial adhesions as well as improving hydration to all the body's tissues and improving mobility in each of the joints of the body. 
    This restorative approach to massage utilized at our Medical Massage Clinic brings repeatedly quick results and addresses most physical complaints, the need for rehabilitation after surgeries, injuries and health related traumas (emotional & physical illnesses, symptom control from diseases and birth & developmental deformities such as spinal deviations as in scoliosis).
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  • What Makes Our Clinic Special?

    We understand the importance of getting back on track with work, school & sports and quality of life as we age. So when we design a program for "optimizing to a healthy physique" we contain a full lifestyle approach that includes a variety of stretch & strengthen systems tailored to each individual's goals, successful tools to aid in accomplishing these goals and a full literary & video library all available on our on-line store.

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  • You Can't Beat Free

    Believe it or not, there's always a way to give back and we do that in so many ways! 

    First, we give a complimentary "welcome package" that includes free samples of pain relieving gels, essential oils and a "goal calendar" that inspires attainable increments of physical change in flexibility, mobility and becoming pain-free.

    Next, we offer *(2 massages for the price of 1) (1) gift certificate that includes (1 Free coupon for 30 minute massage) for Special Occasions such as Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Mother's & Father's Days, Graduations and more. (Just imagine if you gave a gift to a client who just bought a house from your Realty Co. or you provide "thank you" massages to your employees and you get a free massage, too!)   

    Also, we give a full *15% discount at time of payment when a new client commits to an 8-12 session recovery package as well as another 15% "thank you" discount coupon to everyone who refers a friend, co-worker or family member to our clinic to be mailed to you at the time of the referral's completed appointment. 
    (*These offers are designed to give back to those who don't have insurance identities paying on their behalf.)

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  • Feedback

    We always appreciate the positive feedback that everyone gives us! If you'd like to add your testimonial to our website by filling out the testimonial page either here or with writing in person (that includes permission for us to use the testimonial in our promotions and advertising as well as this website) we would like to thank you with a free gift of your choice from Oil-Free Facial Moisturizer or Body Lotion.

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    We hope you can find everything you need. Restorative Medical Massage Clinic is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.mountains large
    With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. This site is still being built and new pages will include a product store, question & answer and testimonial pages. 
    We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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    The Power of Stretching


        Why mention power and stretching in the same blog you may be thinking. The answer is not common to most individual's interpretation. The reason being that most people think of power coming from exercise (flexion) and flexibility coming from stretching (extension). While that interpretation is true there is another perspective to consider. 


        With all muscle action there is an opposing muscle action. Most people are aware of the flexion of the arm's bicep muscles requiring the extension of the tricep muscles for them to lift a bucket of water off the floor and place it on a counter in, say the kitchen. The same muscles do the reverse action when we call them to do an opposite related motion. For example, the triceps will flex when we push a chair back so that we can get up from the dining table and it's opposite function is that the biceps extend simultaneously to allow that action to happen. These are automatic functions and we don't give any thought to them until we have an injury, surgery or begin to experience aging in our bodies. This is why it is beneficial to understand the "power of stretching".


        As humans culturally we do similiar actions during our lives. We sit, stand, walk, bend over, lie down, push, pull, etc. etc.  How we differ is the technique we use to do these actions.  Some of us overuse our muscles with repetitive motion all day long in our work. Some of us use excellent posture and ergonomics while others do not. The habits we have in even using the best of posture often lead many of us to find our muscles "caught" in flexion. Ultimately, what this means is that we can not fully flex nor fully extend particular muscle groups. In some areas of the body this can be so severe that entire muscle groups can become "over-stretched" as their opposing muscles groups become "hypertonated". Ironically and typically, the average body, whether a person exercises or not, is caught in flexion in multiple opposing groups throughout their physique.


        What over-stretched muscles feel like tends to be experienced as tension. In fact, so tight, that we don't notice the opposite side of our bodies are hypertonated. Over-stretched muscles are actually weak muscles and the compensation patterns that come out of the lack of balance between the two opposing muscle groups eventually can cause pain, lack of mobility and in some cases spinal deviations as well as major joint stress from entire segments of the body rotating.


        A perfect example of what I'm describing are the muscles between the shoulder blades called the rhomboids. Their opposing muscles are the pect (pectoralis major & minor) muscles in our chest and they become very tight when we hold our head down so much in all the activities we do (example: working on anything that is not at eye level such as reading a book, writing, eating, etc. etc.). The muscles of the chest become chronically tight pulling the shoulder muscles of the trapezius up over our shoulders with the humorial bone in our arms rotating towards our midline against those forces and next our head becomes forward of our neck and those rhomboid muscles are unable to maintain their integrity and over-stretch. Those over-stretched muscles form fibrotic knots and hurt. We feel pain in our shoulders, neck and finally we are unable to use proper posture and slump. 


        This is where the power of stretching comes in to save the day. If a person finds that they have knots in their muscles, poor posture or simply muscles that won't stop hurting even when they exert effort to use better posture and do traditional stretching there is another approach. What I am speaking of is the manual stretching of massage and bodywork techniques. Using the scenario mentioned above with hypertonated pect muscles and over-stretched rhomboid muscles an advanced therapeutic massage therapist can utilize a combination of techniques. First, stripping and pin & stretching (pinning the muscle with their hands and bringing the muscle into proper action while reorienting the muscle fibers) of the hypertonated muscles will release them to function properly. Then the therapist can utilize trigger point techniques to addressed the fibrotic knots in the over-stretched muscles and follow that action with multi-directional activating motions to bring the muscle spindals back into correct position within the muscles and balance is established. Finally, the weakened muscles are re-trained via exerices to establish strength and the opposing muscle groups are stretched in multiple directions. 


        The results to this approach are that flexibilty, mobility, and strength are restored. The body now has the power to fully flex and to fully stretch. When this balance is restored one truly becomes strong and can utilize power beyond traditional approaches to stretching & exercise. They have command of a body that easily utilizes joint function without going back into strain and therefore, pain patterns. This is the power of stretching!


    Julie Jelsma, massage therapist and advanced medical massage therapist currently works with athletes of many disciplines, people recovering from surgeries, the elderly recovering from age related disfunctions and disease. She has practiced the above mentioned techniques for 15 years. 







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